Sherlock; The Empty Hearse: A Study In Deception?…

Some spoilers may follow for Sherlock: The Empty Hearse…..

After two years of waiting and anguish from some incredibly dedicated fans with some tremendous theories. Finally Sherlock Holmes returns to our screens once again decked out in his coat and scarf literally smashing onto television screens through the window of St Bart’s Hospital in one of the most spectacular scenes in the show’s short history.

Sherlock falls no more?

Sherlock falls no more?

The sequence in question however turns out to be yet another red herring in Gatiss and Moffatt’s twisting arc of deception. Anderson, formally a Sherlock hating police forensics expert is now obsessed with proving that Sherlock survived his dive off the roof of St Bartholomew’s hospital in the 2nd series finale back in January 2012. As a result he thinks up another crazy theory which involves bungee ropes and a bizarre cameo from Derren Brown.

Confused yet? Unsurprising.

Confused yet? Unsurprising.

So all in all three theories are shown but what is not elaborated on is whether any of them are what really happened! Even Sherlock’s own explanation is implied to be false. One wonders whether they are taking the long game to explain how he really survived his fatal plunge. I suspect the third of these feature length adventures will reveal this in full.

Once again Benedict Cumberbatch returns on fine form, once again bringing brilliance and deep sarcastic tones to the role even having a tender moment with Molly Hooper, a morgue assistant who previously doted after our dear detective. Martin Freeman’s Watson continues to bring the detective’s companion to life showing off some incredible acting skills when Holmes pays him a visit in a restaurant. Humour is a constant in this certainly as Sherlock’s reunion with John Watson certainly demonstrates. The plot is complex and full of twists but you’ll have to discover that for yourself.

Bowties are cool? Moffat!!!  Still tormenting 11th doctor fans even in 2014...

Bowties are cool? Steven Moffat, still tormenting 11th doctor fans even in 2014…

Needless to say it was a superb return for Sherlock Holmes and leaves intriguing questions for the next two episodes. 10/10. Sherlock: The Sign Of Three is on BBC1 on Sunday 5th January at 8:30pm.


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