Thor: The Dark World Clip: Asgard Under attack

An excellent scene from the new Thor film where the realm eternal comes under attack from Malekith the accursed and his dark elves. Idris Elba shows off some very impressive stunt work finally getting to do something in a thor film other than stand on his pedestal in the Bifrost observatory.

The thing which really got me about this video isn’t the clip itself but how people are arguing about the skin colour of a fictional alien character based on a Norse god in a comic book movie in the comments below. Has the world gone mad? Or are some people just petty??!

This is a Disney movie and yet they are arguing about skin colour of one character out of billions. Seriously is it worth getting this upset about? Why do people just have to bring religion or culture into every movie nowadays! I prefer a time when people could enjoy movies for what they were.