A bit of a change.

So it’s no secret that I haven’t used this blog since 2014 and to be perfectly honest I’ve done so much and learnt so much since then I don’t even think I’ve found to the time to revisit it. That however is about to change starting from now, due to those annoying gaps between semesters some call ‘ extended-holidays’ I find myself somewhat idle, other than the odd film project and of course the ongoing job search that we all must face, and ‘shudders’ planning ¬†for the dreaded dissertation! So as I’ve been up to fair deal since my last post, for a little while this blog will serve as a recap for the few people who followed my blog back in the day but also hopefully an ongoing outpouring of my thoughts on films, filmmaker and assorted other crazed musings. To any new readers I say welcome and to the few that remain I tip my hat to you and say it’s good to be back.